Hampden County Recycling Center (Massachusetts)

Recycling Centers in Hampden County, Massachusetts convert waste into reusable materials. A Recycling Center may offer curbside collection of recyclable materials and accept recyclable materials at transfer stations. They also provide guidelines on what materials the center processes, including paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic, as well as special collection programs for used motor oil, batteries, e-waste, and tires. Hampden County Recycling Centers also offer information on drop-off sites, hazardous waste disposal events, and other recyclable materials that require special handling. These Hampden County recycling programs may have limited hours or locations, which are available on the center website. Recycling Centers provide more information about their programs and the materials they accept online.

Wilbraham Recycling Wilbraham MA 240 Springfield Street 01095 413-596-2814

Landfills in Hampden County, Massachusetts are solid waste disposal facilities that accept a range of waste materials, including common household refuse, non-hazardous commercial waste, and construction and demolition waste. They store and process waste that cannot be recycled; however, many Hampden County landfills also operate on-site recycling facilities to process waste into reusable materials. These Hampden County recycling facilities may offer drop-off recycling, recyclable hazardous waste disposal, and e-waste recycling. Many landfill recycling facilities have limited hours and only accept certain materials, and they may also charge fees for recycling. For more information on Hampden County recycling facilities at a Landfill, visit its website.

Blandford Landfill Blandford MA HUNTINGTON Rd 01008 413-848-2829

Springfield Landfill Springfield MA 399 Cottage Street 01104 413-534-8741

Wilbraham Landfill Wilbraham MA 2721 Boston Road 01095 413-596-2840

Public Works Departments in Hampden County, Massachusetts manage a county or local government's public infrastructure, which can include public buildings, transportation infrastructure, public land, and public services. A Public Works office may manage Hampden County recycling programs, including curbside collection of recyclable materials like paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. They may also manage recycling centers that collect motor oil, batteries, e-waste, and tires. Public Works also offers information on recycling programs, the hours and locations of drop-off recycling facilities, and any fees for recycling services. Public Works Departments provide more information on Hampden County recycling services online.

East Longmeadow Public Works East Longmeadow MA 84 Somers Rd 01028 413-525-5435

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