Posey County Recycling Center (Indiana)

Landfills in Posey County, Indiana are solid waste disposal facilities that accept a range of waste materials, including common household refuse, non-hazardous commercial waste, and construction and demolition waste. They store and process waste that cannot be recycled; however, many Posey County landfills also operate on-site recycling facilities to process waste into reusable materials. These Posey County recycling facilities may offer drop-off recycling, recyclable hazardous waste disposal, and e-waste recycling. Many landfill recycling facilities have limited hours and only accept certain materials, and they may also charge fees for recycling. For more information on Posey County recycling facilities at a Landfill, visit its website.

Mount Vernon Landfill Mount Vernon IN 1300 Indiana 69 47620 800-886-3345