Anchorage Municipality Recycling Center (Alaska)

Public Works Departments in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska manage a county or local government's public infrastructure, which can include public buildings, transportation infrastructure, public land, and public services. A Public Works office may manage Anchorage Municipality recycling programs, including curbside collection of recyclable materials like paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic. They may also manage recycling centers that collect motor oil, batteries, e-waste, and tires. Public Works also offers information on recycling programs, the hours and locations of drop-off recycling facilities, and any fees for recycling services. Public Works Departments provide more information on Anchorage Municipality recycling services online.

Anchorage Public Works Anchorage AK 4700 Elmore Road 99507 907-343-8135

Landfills in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska are solid waste disposal facilities that accept a range of waste materials, including common household refuse, non-hazardous commercial waste, and construction and demolition waste. They store and process waste that cannot be recycled; however, many Anchorage Municipality landfills also operate on-site recycling facilities to process waste into reusable materials. These Anchorage Municipality recycling facilities may offer drop-off recycling, recyclable hazardous waste disposal, and e-waste recycling. Many landfill recycling facilities have limited hours and only accept certain materials, and they may also charge fees for recycling. For more information on Anchorage Municipality recycling facilities at a Landfill, visit its website.

Eagle River Landfill Anchorage AK 15500 East Eagle River Loop Road 99577 907-343-6298

EPA Offices in Anchorage Municipality, Alaska act as local branches of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, which enforces environmental protections to create a cleaner, healthier environment. EPA Offices may provide information on local Anchorage Municipality recycling centers and other recycling programs, including curbside recycling, drop-off recycling, and e-waste recycling. They may also help residents access recycling facilities and accept reports of violations of recycling restrictions or environmental protection rules. Local Anchorage Municipality EPA Offices also offer guidelines on encouraging recycling and issue grants for environmental education programs to promote recycling. EPA Offices provide more information about Anchorage Municipality recycling services online.

US EPA Region 10 Alaska Operations Office - Anchorage Anchorage AK 222 West 7th Avenue, 19 99513 907-271-5083